[PDF] Credence by Penelope Douglas

Credence by Penelope Douglas in pdf

Credence by Penelope Douglas

Credence by Penelope Douglas  in pdf

Writer: Penelope Douglas

Size: 2.25 MB

Pages: 329

Language: English

Genre: Romance,Fiction

Format Pdf

Price: Free

Publish Date:13 January 2020

Tiernan de Haas is no longer concerned with anything. She was raised with wealth and privilege but no affection or direction as the sole child of a film mogul and his famous wife. Being sent to boarding schools since a young age made it impossible for her to get away from the isolation and build a life for herself. She was constantly dogged by the fame of her parents.

And she understands she should be grieved when they pass away unexpectedly. Has anything actually changed, though? She hasn't ever been alone, has she?

Tiernan, who is still two months away from becoming 18, is placed under the guardianship of Jake Van der Berg, her father's stepbrother and the only living family she has. When Tiernan is sent to live with him and his two sons, Kaleb and Noah, in the mountains of Colorado, she quickly discovers that the boys now have a say in what she decides to care about and what she chooses not to. She gradually finds her place among them as the three of them take her under their wing and educate her how to work and survive in the isolated forests far from the outside world.

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