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Big history

Big history By Dorling Kindersley

Writer: Dorling Kindersley

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In one large book, 13.8 billion years of cosmos and human history are condensed. DK supports the value of exploration. So you can quickly learn how we came to where we are in the context of our Universe with this brand-new history book. Get ready to travel back in time to the beginning, from the Big Bang that created our Universe to the start of time and all the way to the present, and discover how a succession of significant occurrences have influenced the nature and direction of life on the planet we call home.

So get ready to explore the past in great detail with this comprehensive history book, which promises: - Original artwork and graphics In order to explain how we know what we know, evidence spreads dissect various things. Big ideas spreads and timelines examine the relationships between significant occurrences. -64-page reference section that is optional: History of the world timelines Big History brings together a staggering variety of viewpoints by employing several disciplines to investigate 13.8 billion years of history and therefore bringing to life the whole history of the world, with each page jam-packed with spectacular information and extraordinary images. Enjoy your inquisitiveness as you investigate a wide range of topics, including astronomy, animal life, ocean floors, frozen cores, early people, the age of empires, climate change, and more.

There is something for everyone to enjoy in this comprehensive history information book. A must-have book for history buffs who wish to visualise the past and a great read for adults and children alike with an interest in cosmic and human history, both of whom should be at least 12 years old.

This historical encyclopaedia, which will be a fascinating read and a great resource for students and teachers seeking an inspiring window into history, will bring the people and places of the past to life right before your eyes. It's no surprise that this exceptional book is a worldwide hit, with 158,000 copies sold globally, given that it includes a foreword by Professor David Christian, whose Big History TED presentation has received over 12 million views, and is associated with Bill Gates' online Big History Project. DK is prepared to lead you on an illuminating voyage across time and space. Are you accompanying us?