Download Circe by Madeline Miller in Pdf

Download Circe by Madeline Miller in Pdf


 Download Circe by Madeline Miller in Pdf

Writer: Madeline Miller

Size: 4.09 MB

Pages: 335

Language: English

Genre: History Fiction,Novels

Format Pdf

Price: Free

Publish Date: 10 April 2018

Circe is the divine daughter of Helios, the titan, and Perse, the naiad. Circe's early life is lonely until she falls in love with the mortal fisherman Glaucos, despite being deemed unsightly and weak from birth. Circe, distraught by his mortality, discovers a way to make him a god by transforming him into his 'true form' with the sap of magical flowers grown in soil bathed in the titan Kronos' blood. Glaucos, arrogant in his divinity, rejects Circe in favour of the nymph Scylla. Circe's jealousy drives her to employ the flowers' enchantment once more, mistakenly turning Scylla into a six-headed murderous monster. Circe confesses her crimes to Helios, who discovers that all of his children with Perse are witches capable of extracting information.... From Wikipedia

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