A Gentele Reminder in pdf

A Gentle Reminder

 A Gentle Reminder in pdf

Writer: Bianca Sparacino

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Pages: 150

Language: English

Genre: Poetry

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A subtle reminder for those days when the world seems a little lighter and for those when the sun rises a little later in the day. A nice reminder for when you are learning to repair your broken heart and when it is full of hope. An encouraging word for when you start to believe in goodness and when you need words that will hug your broken parts back together. A simple reminder for those times when growth looms large and you need to store your power in your bones just to get through the day.

A gentle reminder that you are real and flawed when you are learning to balance the messiness and beauty of what it means to be human, when you are teaching yourself that it is normal to feel both happiness and sadness. When you look for the words you required when you were younger, consider this a friendly reminder. When you need to hear it, here's a gentle reminder that you deserve to be loved just as much as you love others. When you need a gentle reminder to remember that you are not your mistakes or your history, here it is. When you need to be reminded to maintain your softness and caregiving nature, this is the gentle reminder you need.A simple reminder for those times when you need to have faith in unconditional love in a world that occasionally fails to do so. an encouraging word to keep going. a kindly prod to hope I'd like to gently remind you. Grab what you require.