Understanding Human History by Michael H. Hart in pdf

Understanding Human History

Understanding Human History by Michael H. Hart in pdf Writer: Michael H. Hart

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In 1975, Hart published a detailed analysis of the Fermi paradox, which is the disparity between the extreme likelihood of extraterrestrial life somewhere in the universe and the complete lack of evidence for it. Much of the study into what is now known as the Fermi-Hart paradox has used Hart's work as a theoretical reference point. "A more proper name for [the paradox] would be the Fermi-Hart paradox, because while Fermi is credited with first asking the question, Hart was the first to do a rigorous analysis showing that the problem is not trivial, and also the first to publish his results," writes Geoffrey A. Landis of Hart's contributions to the study of the paradox.

In Hart's 1975 work, Robert H. Gray sees Hart as the true creator of this idea. Gray claims that the title Fermi paradox is a misnomer, as it is neither Fermi's work nor a conundrum (rather an argument). He proposes that the argument be referred to as the Hart-Tipler argument, rather than the (standard, but in his opinion incorrect) Fermi paradox, recognising Hart's priority as the argument's originator while also acknowledging Frank J. Tipler's substantial extension of Hart's arguments in his 1980 paper. There are no intelligent extraterrestrials.

Hart is a supporter of the Rare Earth concept, and based on climatic data, he predicted an extremely small habitable zone. In particular, in the chapter he contributed to the popular book "Extraterrestrials: Where are They," he pushed for this concept.

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