[PDF] The Portrait of a Lady By Henry James

The Portrait of a Lady By Henry James in pdf

The Portrait of a Lady

The Portrait of a Lady - By Henry James in pdf Writer: Henry James

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Publish Date: 29 October 1881

Henry James' novel The Portrait of a Lady was initially serialised in The Atlantic Monthly and Macmillan's Magazine in 1880–81, and then released as a book in 1881. It is one of James' most well-known books, and reviewers consider it to be one of his best. The Portrait of a Lady tells the narrative of Isabel Archer, a fiery young American lady who, "facing her destiny," finds it overwhelming. She inherits a significant sum of money and is thereafter the victim of two American expats' Machiavellian schemes. It is set in Europe, mostly in England and Italy, as are many of James' works. This work displays James's continued concern in the distinctions between the New World and the Old World, frequently to the cost of the former. It is often considered as the masterpiece of James's early period. It also delves deeply into the issues of personal liberty, accountability, and responsibility.
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