[PDF] Persuasion By Jane Austen

Persuasion By Jane Austen


Persuasion - By Jane Austen​ in pdf Writer: Jane Austen

Size: 2.2 MB

Pages: 304

Language: English

Genre: Novel

Format PDF

Price: Free

Publish Date:20 December 1817

Your favourite classic volumes in a new light; the tactile textures, delicate details, and stunning colours of these outstanding covers make these titles seem especially unique and will stand out on any shelf. There are lined and blank diaries to go with this book (available separately). When given together, they make a lovely present, but they're also lovely on their own. Jane Austen's work Persuasion tells the storey of Anne Russell, a 27-year-old woman who broke off a young engagement with Captain Frederick Wentworth and reconciles with him before they become engaged again. Anne and Wentworth reunite years after their engagement. Anne still loves him, but he is distant from her. Even though Anne is not interested in her cousin, Mr. William Elliot, a widower, Wentworth is envious of Elliot's interest in Anne. Wentworth writes Anne a long, heartfelt letter, and the two are soon engaged once more.

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