The Secret History of the World Book by Jonathan Black

The Secret History of the World Book by Jonathan Black

 The Secret History of the World Book by Jonathan Black Writer: Jonathan Black

Size: 21 MB

Pages: 812

Language: English

Genre: History

Format PDF

Year: 29 July 2010

Written by Jonathan Black, The Secret History Of The World is book that presents an alternate version of history and major historical events. This book attempts to convey the history of the world from the perspective of numerous secret societies. The author asks his readers to overcome their current mental programming and beliefs to review ancient myths, superstitions, and legends.

By suspending one’s disbelief, according to the author, history can be perceived in a completely new manner. This book talks anew about fairies, angels, demons, etc., all of which are considered as mythological and superstitious constructs by the modern generations. From a purely subjective point of view, the author goes onto explain the actual evolution of life in the world as he traces out different periods with his own version of history.

Legends pertaining to the mandrake men, Solomon’s temple, Greeks, etc. are covered by the author in The Secret History Of The World. The great flood that washed away the world is a folktale found in cultures all over the world, and the author uses it make certain unusual conclusions. According to the author, the wisdom possessed by great individuals like Mahatma Gandhi and Napoleon originally came from awakened individuals who belonged to ancient times.

The Secret History Of The World presents stunning allusions that describe the involvement of secret societies in many of the major events in the world. It delves into the altered states of consciousness achieved by remarkable individuals such as George Washington and Isaac Newton, and states that this was the cause for their unexplainable strength and intelligence.

The 2nd edition of the book was published by Adams Media in 2010, and is available in the form of a paperback.