[PDF] Shivaji And His TimesBy Jadunath Sarkar In Pdf

Shivaji and his times By Jadunath Sarkar In Pdf

Shivaji And His Times

Shivaji and his times By Jadunath Sarkar In Pdf Writer: Jadunath Sarkar

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Publish Date: 12 June 2019

As a historian, Jadunath Sarkar (1870-1958) is a study in himself. This re-issue of his classic work fulfils a demand from all students and researchers of Indian history and society. Shivaji and his times is much more than a biography of the great Maratha leader. It deals with the tangled web of Deccan history in the seventeenth century, describes Shivaji’s relations with the Mughals, provides a detailed knowledge of the internal affairs of the Mughal Empire at the period of its decline, and also analyses Shivaji’s relations with the English and Portuguese. The book concludes with a description of Maratha government, institutions and policy in the seventeenth century, and of Shivaji’s achievements, character and place in history. Some original reviews of Shivaji and his times:

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