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Game Of Throne All Books By Jeorge R.R Martin in pdf

Game Of Throne All Books

 Game Of Throne All Books By Jeorge R.R Martinin pdf

Name: George Raymond Martin

Born: September 20, 1948 (age 71)

Occupation: Novelist, Short-story writer, Screenwriter

Language: English

Nationality: American

Format PDF

Price: Free

George R.R. Martin's 'Game of Thrones: Song of Fire and Ice (Book I)' is recognised as one of the most interesting and best epics of the modern period, full of drama and adventure, fury and desire, mystery and romance. The seasons of this epic, set in 12, 000 BC, shift after decades, bringing with them mystery and death. The epic begins as the winter season approaches; while humans are shielded and safe behind the kingdom's impenetrable ice Wall, winter has awoken the deadly forces that are always threatening the mortal power's identity.

Two families take the stage in the first novel, which is filled with passion, hatred, anger, treachery, and terror: the Lannisters and the Starks. Will the good win out over the bad? Is the situation going to get lot worse than it already is? And who is Daenerys Targaryen, the new character? The thrilling storey of magic, power, and otherworldly powers promises to keep readers guessing until the very end. The novel, which was first published in 1996, has won several awards, including the Ignotus Award, the Hugo Award, and the Locus Award. HBO converted it into a well-known television series.

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