The Theory Of Everything By Stephen Hawking in pdf

The Theory Of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe

Isaac Newton and the scientific revolution By Gale E. Christianson Writer: Michael H. Hart

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Publish Date: 4 Dec 1999

Seven lectures by the outstanding theoretical physicist have been put into this book to try to explain the complicated issues of mathematics to the average man, as well as the topic that has enthralled everyone for ages, the theory of existence.

The narrator narrates every aspect regarding the origin of the cosmos, and his explanations are undeniably brilliant, humorous, and playful. He explains what a hypothesis that can explain the beginning of everything would entail.

Aristotle, Augustine, Hubble, Newton, and Einstein's world ideologies have all been briefly introduced to the reader. Black holes and the Big Bang have been discussed in a straightforward manner that everybody can comprehend.

All of these events and unique hypotheses might be woven together to form a theory of everything's genesis, and the author is certain that the origin is not always due to a single event.

To be loyal to the theories of current physics and quantum physics, he pushes for a multi-dimensional origin with a no-boundary condition.

The book gives a clear picture of the universe as seen through Stephen's eyes, and he politely denies the idea that the Universe is governed by a supernatural and all-powerful force.

Author Information

Stephen Hawking is an English cosmologist, theoretical physicist, author, and Director of Research at the University of Cambridge's Centre for Theoretical Cosmology. He has received more than a dozen honorary degrees. Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with a rare motor neuron condition in 1963, and despite having only two years to live, he proceeded to Cambridge to become the man he is today.